Informational street signs

Words Matter.

When I first started working (more than a few moons ago), my very first corporate job was in finance. I remember being so confused by all the financial terms. De minimus. APY. ETF. APR. I remember when we were creating all of our web pages while at Amex. We built a glossary for all the …

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An Open Letter to Health Plans

Every time I turn around, there is another person who is complaining to me about the customer experience in the health care system. As soon as they hear that I’ve worked for and am working with health care plans, they are so willing to share their stories with me. I get it, and I appreciate …

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The age (still) of the consumer in healthcare

I’m midway through the whirlwind that is AHIP, and I’m a simultaneously depressed and excited. WAY back in 2008, I gave my first speech at AHIP about customer experience. It was the first time we really started talking about the consumer at this conference. I had 7 people in my audience.