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[idz_custom_heading tag=”h1″ subtitle=”I can be found on twitter, linkedin, via plain old email or at any Starbucks with wifi holding a latte with my name misspelled on the side. 🙂 ” class=”normal “]Like phones, coffee & social media? [/idz_custom_heading]

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[idz_heading tag=”h4″ class=” “]Chief Customer World Headquarters[/idz_heading]

  • [idz_icon icon=”icon-phoneold” color=”#ff8d2c” size=”small” link=”” blank=”1″ class=”icolor”]   (612) 239-7418
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[idz_heading tag=”h4″ class=” “]Find me on the Social Media Circuit[/idz_heading]
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  • [idz_icon icon=”socicon-linkedin” color=”” size=”default” link=”” blank=”” class=”Linkedin”]
  • [idz_icon icon=”socicon-twitter” color=”” size=”default” link=”” target=_blank>=”” class=”Twitter”]

[idz_heading tag=”h4″ class=” “]Look for me at a Starbucks with that misspelled name I was telling you about.[/idz_heading]
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[idz_custom_heading tag=”h1″ subtitle=”Please reach out and let me know how I can help!  Just use the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours! ” class=”normal “] Prefer robots delivering your Q’s?[/idz_custom_heading]

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